how to exhibit in the Kunstautomat

The Kunstautomat will be refitted every three months.

The choice over which artworks will be exhibited in each season will be made by the members of the association on an assembly by a majority vote.

You want to exhibit in our Kunstautomat? Great!
Here are the details and demands:

short guide:

  • you send us a prototype. Furthermore we need some details about you and your art work. And we need your contact details
  • we publish your prototyp on our webpage
  • every three months the artists in the kunstautomat change.
    we (meaning the association) decide, which of the received artworks get in the kunstautomat
  • if your artworks get in the kunstautomat, we need a series of at least 25 specimens,  all numbered and signed
  • we send you the empty, white cigarette boxes.  If you want you can also design these boxes
  • then you send us back your signed and numbered artworks in the cigarette boxes
  • for each sold cigarette box you get 4,10 euros. The assembly keeps 50 cents for expenses
  • after three months we figure out how many of your artworks were sold and transfer you the money
  • if we don’t sell all of your artworks in one season we’ss send you back the remaining items
  • all rights for the art works remain with the artist. The association is allowed to make photos of the art works and use them for PR

The address for the prototype and the prepared cigarette boxes is:
Künstlerforum Kunstautomat e.V.
Hauptplatz 11
86899 Landsberg am Lech

Or you can deliver the prototype and the prepared cigarette boxes at:
LICCA, Hubert-von-Herkomer-Straße 111, 86899 Landsberg

… and here a little bit more detailed

What fits into the Kunstautomat?
Whether pictures, graphics, objects/sculptures, photography,
media artworks on volumes or a manual on how to create an own artwork,
whether folded, on the trot, torn or buckled,
whether ready made, series or multiple … everything suits in our automat!
The real challenge is the format: 57 x 23 x 88 mm
The package box will be provided by us. This box will have a banner on the head and bottom, the remaining space can be shaped by you.

Edition, numeration and signature
The edition should be at least 25 specimens (we will refit the Kunstautomat if your artworks are sold before the end of the quarter). All copies should be signed and numbered (if you make an object or sculpture etc. you can enclose the signature and number on a note).

What you have to do
Please send us a description, photos or media files of your artwork via email or mail and please also send us a prototype of your artwork. The address is:
Künstlerforum Kunstautomat e.V.
Hauptplatz 11
86899 Landsberg am Lech
Alternatively you can also submit your ptototype quasi ‘post restante’ in the
Licca Lounge, Hubert-von-Herkomer-Straße 111, 86899 Landsberg
With this submission you assure us that you hold the exclusive rights relating to your artwork.

All competition entries will be published on our webpage-

Now what?

You got a well in the Kunstautomat for one season:

We must have your artwork-series at least one week before the start of a new quarter. The artworks will be sold in the Kunstautomat for 5 euros. We keep 90 cents for package, advertisement and effort, you get the rest 4.10 Euro after the end of the quarter. Your prototype goes to our archive and gets the numeration 0.
We will make a contract for work with you – a draft of this contract will be found soon here.
We want to introduce you on our webpage and in our press releases. For that we beg you to send us a short bio and/or a short description of you.
If we don’t sell all of your artworks in one season we will send them back to you.
All rights for the artworks remain with the artist. The association has the right to make photos of the artworks and use them for PR.

You got no well in the Kunstautomat for the upcoming season:
We would like to keep your data and your prototype in our archive so we can approach you again for one of the next seasons. If you don’t agree to this just let us know.

Any more questions?
Your contact person is
Gregor Netzer
fon +49 (0)175 6697911